How many Laker fans remember the Smush Parker era? As a Celtic fan, I remember. It was a dark time for both teams, but we always felt that much better about ourselves because we knew that Smush Parker wasn’t our point guard.

Parker ran the point position for the Lake show in 2005-2006. Parker wasn’t a fan or team favorite to run the most important spot on the floor, but because they had no other choice, he got the chance to do it.

At that time, Parker was passing to Kobe Bryant in his prime. Kobe then was in the process of becoming the super-star that he is now. Even though his game and ring count didn’t justify “greatness,” his attitude did. Parker told a story about his relationship with Kobe to ESPN’s Highly Questionable.

He told a story of how Kobe actually told Smush not to talk to him, at all! It’s no shock really. in 2012, Bryant told media during an exhibition game that “Smush Parker was the worst.”

Hear Parker tell of his tragic relationship with one of the games greats below