Lashonda Williams thought she knew exactly how to find one of her smartphones when it turned up missing last Sunday.

“I have an app that says find my phone, and I just kept doing this,” said Williams while moving her fingers along the phone’s flat screen.

She had tried that technique before, but never on an airplane that had just taken off from Nashville bound for Houston.

That’s when the passenger seated next to her got involved.

“She said you need to put your phone away,” said Williams. “And I said look lady, you don’t know me. I don’t know you. Could you please just say nothing to me? I just lost my phone.”

Next came a series of insults, said Williams.

“She said you’re such a {expletive},” said Williams. “I said you’re a [expletive] too.”

The next thing she noticed was when her plane began to return to the airport. It landed and then police escorted

Williams into the main terminal. We obtained the following audio communication between air traffic controllers and the pilot:

(PILOT) “We do request the police to meet the aircraft, Acey 4205

(ATC) “4205, Roger”

(ATC) “I need to know if it was verbal or physical”

(PILOT) “Threat to another passenger”

Williams was arrested and charged with assault.

According to court documents, the other passenger claimed Williams said, “I kill white people like you” and threatened to follow her in Houston and “find out where she lived.”

“I told them I did not say that,” said Williams. “I would never say anything along those lines.” Williams’ long-time boyfriend, who she was visiting in Nashville, happens to be white.

We reached out to the other passenger on the plane. She didn’t return our calls.

Williams said her smartphone is still missing and so is an explanation.

“I cannot believe for the life of me that she would make up something like that,” said Williams.

Williams is due back in Nashville to face a judge on June 25.

Source: Inquisitr