Sad news comes from the West Coast tonight.

California collective loses another member today. The death of member Jayare broke on twitter a few hours ago.

Friend and group member, Smoove The General took to clear the air on how the rapper passed away.

“For those who speak or act before they think or know anything Jayare was born with sickle cell & he had a seizure in his sleep yesterday afternoon on the couch at his moms house the paramedics rushed him to the hospital and attempted to revive him over and over he was stable up until today at 5:15 today where he went into his last cardiac arrest and left us …this was my everyday nigga I literally saw you or talked to you everyday bro and who would have known yesterday morning would have been my last time speaking to u …I can’t believe your gone I can’t believe we have to deal with this again …I jus can’t believe it ..your birthday is in 6 days ..I wish I could slow down time because I don’t think there will be any celebrating on the 12th I’m torn ..I’m confused …I’m hurt ..I’m lost…I’m …………..rest in peace my brother from another Cahron Shemar Childs ..I love you bro #why ???????”

Fellow West Coast emcee Y.G. gave his condolences as well.

Jayare was the second member of Cali Swag district to lose his life. Montae Talbert, known in the group as “M-Bone”, was shot on May 15, 2011 in a drive by shooting.

Source: Allwesteverything