Harlem’s A$AP Mob debuted a new track called “Hella Hoes,” and all four of the rappers who appeared on that song (Rocky, Ferg, Nast, Twelvyy), had the A$AP prefix in their names. There was supposed to be another artist on the song who didn’t make the final cut. That rapper is pissed.

Detroit emcee Danny Brown says that was supposed to have a verse on the track but his verse was removed by the time the song came out.

Brown and A$AP Rocky have be frequent contributors to each other various projects, so Brown was hurt when he heard the final song and didn’t hear his own voice. He took to twitter to respond.

If u took time out your busy ass schedule to do a feature for somebody and they cut u off the song without telling you .. would u be hot?? Or does that mean my verse was wack? Or maybe niggas just don’t fuck wit me no more .. fuck it all this rap shit fake anyway you worry about whats in your bank account .. I worry about my metacritic score … u can’t die wit ya money but album reviews are forever.”

If you haven’t heard the Mob’s new track, check it out below