Kollege Kidd

Kollege Kidd

We know about Chief Keef, but what do we know about his mother? Other than she gave birth to the rapper, not much. A new documentary about her life and influence will shine a new light on the rappers mom.

Lolita Cozart and the producers of her documentary, Hip Hop Junkie released another preview of her upcoming documentary “The Real Ingredients Of OG Sosa.”

In her latest short preview, she sheds light on the violence in her neighborhood and talks aspirations of becoming the next Oprah Winfrey.

“The person standing next to you will see so many killings and think that that’s normal,” she said. “It ain’t normal to me cause I got a crush on the land of living. From Oprah to myself, I’m coming… I’m no longer gonna deal with being popular for free.

“…I need this fortune,” she continued. “I need this shine. I need to get my turn. I served these cities, this O’Block stuff. I’m considering myself the queen.”

Watch the new clip below. “The Real Ingredients of OG Sosa” will hit the net June 17th