If you’ve ever been to a Waffle House, I’m sure the first thing you notice is that the people who work there don’t make a lot of money, especially the waitresses. They run around carrying around your food, taking back your food after you complain and dealing with a bunch of half drunk party goers who always seem to find their way to this restaurant after a hard night of partying.

For people who live off tips, you would think that the franchise wouldn’t mind when their employees rack up on them. Well this North Carolina waitress found out something different.

A waitress at a North Carolina Waffle House got a surprise  last month when a customer on her overnight shift left her a $1,000 tip. Before she could enjoy it, Waffle House forced her to return the money.

At 3 a.m. on Mother’s Day, one of Shaina Brown’s customers told her she had a “good spirit” and he was going to “bless her” by tipping $1,500 for his patty melt. He asked her to give $500 to a woman at another table, but $1,000 was hers to keep.

Unfortunately for Brown, the generous man left the tip on a credit card.

Waffle House claims it has a policy of only accepting tips that large by cash or check, and that “regular procedure” is to refund the money to the customer to avoid chargebacks. The restaurant didn’t let Brown keep the $1,000.

“I feel like they stole from me,” Brown told the Charlotte Observer. “They did exactly what they teach us not to do.”

Observer reporter Josh Shaffer tracked down the “angel” who left the tip, a Raleigh businessman who didn’t want to be named, and told him what happened.

The man is now writing Brown a personal check, making sure she gets her tip after all.

Source: Gawker