West Coast rapper

A rumor spread yesterday that this past weekend that while Dj Mustard and Y.G. were in San Francisco to perform a show, their set was interrupted abruptly by Bay Area star Mistah F.A.B.

F.A.B allegedly tried to slap Mustard right after Mustard began his set. F.A.B was said to have slapped him for feeling like Mustard stole his sound from the Bay. This isn’t the first time that this allegation has been levied against Mustard. Sage the Gemini claimed in a interview with FADER that Dj Mustard used to stay with HBK producer P-Lo and that he actually lifted his new sound from P-Lo.

Shortly after the footage surfaced, Dj Mustard and Y.G. posted a video in a hotel room denying anything at all happened?

So what really went down? Good chance we’ll never know really. We tried to reach out to Fab, but His PR team, AEOM PR issued this statement of sorts on twitter