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Yesterday, Derek Fisher signed a deal to coach the New York Knicks. His deal was for 5 years, $25 million dollars, $5 million per year. Guess who makes more than him? The Jackson kids.

Michael Jackson’s children, Prince, Blanket and Paris have had their yearly allowance bumped up by $3 million dollars recently thanks to a jump in their dads estate. So they’ve gone from making $5 million a year to a whopping $8 million a year!

According to Perez Hilton, the three are actually pretty thrifty with their money.

Debbie Rowe’s fiancè, and family friend, Marc Schaffel, say the eldest son, 17-year-old Prince Jackson spends his money on jewelry for his three former girlfriends and $40,000 on a new Ford pick-up truck! But that’s it for Prince because he’s saving up $35 million to buy back Neverland Ranch

As for 16-year-old Paris Jackson, much of her allowance goes to paying for her therapeutic boarding school, since it costs six figures. And a little bit more goes to buying shoes and gym clothes for her friends, because she’s a sweetheart.

12-year-old Blanket Jackson has found lots of ways to spend his money too, paying $200/hour for a personal trainer and karate lessons, and going to pricey dinners with his cousins, which usually end up costing about $500 each time.

You got to applaud these kids for not blowing money fast. There’s still time though.

Source: Perez Hilton