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Splash Images

Splash Images

There’s a thin line between something being artsy and creative and something being over the top and out of pocket. Pop star Katy Perry veered way past the former and all the way into the latter during a recent performance.

Perry brought out some big, big booty dancing mummies to join her on stage during her set. The images from the performance so some characters had bit butts, big breasts and bright red lips. Many thought she was more mimmickig what she thought black women look like.

Many didn’t take kindly to her portrayl or attempted portrayl of African-American women and most took to twitter to voice their rage.

Noted hip-hop journalist and historian, Davey D was one of the many who asked why something like this is ok


Davey wasn’t the only one going in. Check out some more tweets here


Earlier this week video surfaced of what looked like Dj Mustard getting assaulted on stage while doing a show in San Francisco.

It was reported that Bay Area rapper, Mistah F.A.B. ran up on Mustard and that he was also robbed along with Y.G.

The two took to Instagram to show that they were all fine after the altercation. Things simmered down after the incident until today.

dj mustard

New footage hit the net today of Mistah F.A.B and Mustard squabbling on stage. The footage shows F.A.B getting drug by Mustard’s crew.

Check out the footage below

Spotify easter eggs

Apple’s acquisition of Beats has some major record labels thinking of making some moves as well.

Digital Music News is reporting that several major labels including Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group are mulling a possible purchase of a Spotify acquisition.

Several sources inside and outside of the major label system who have agreed to speak with Digital Music News say the Beats sale is ‘simply small potatoes’ compared to the prize that Spotify could represent.

One source pointed to Spotify as a very, very juicy prize, with one target sale price pushing past $10 billion (you know, WhatsApp money).

A label attorney, speaking on the condition of anonymity, pointed to massive telecommunications and mobile companies as targeted buyers. “The Verizons, the NTT DoCoMos, the Oranges, that group,” the source noted. “Spotify is a nice package for customers.”

Read more about the possible dealings here 


The Wrap

The Wrap

90’s babies will be lining up early for this.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sega Sammy’s CG animation film production company Marza Animation Planet announced their plans to develop a film based on Sonic the Hedgehog, a $1 billion franchise, on Tuesday. The film will be produced by 22 Jump Street producer Neal H. Moritz and written by UCB’s Susser and Robichaux.

According to a statement from Columbia Pictures, Sonic will reunite Sonic with “some of the most revered and infamous characters of the franchise,” and that is including Dr. Eggman.

President of production Hannah Minghella said in the same statement:

“There are limitless stories to tell with a character like Sonic the Hedgehog, and a built-in international fan base. Along with our wonderful creative partners at Marza, we’re looking to capture everything that generations of fans know and love about Sonic while also growing his audience wider than ever before.”

For true Hedgehog fans, check out this race through 20-years of Sonic history below



Beyonce can’t catch a break. I know, it sounds absurd to think that a woman worth more than $500 million can’t catch a break, but we know what we mean.

The international pop star is one step away from a critic who finds a possible chink in her armor that they can’t wait to point out.

Legendary comedian and actress, Lily Tomlin is the next in line to throw a rock at Bey’s throne.

Comedy Store

Comedy Store

In a recent interview with Pride Source, actress and feminist Lily Tomlin was asked what she thought of modern examples of feminism, specifically think-piece darlings Beyoncé and the show “Girls.”

Pride Source points out that many consider Beyoncé a feminist, and that she’s even referred to herself  as a “modern-day feminist,” Tomlin responds:

Yeah, well, I think that’s great, and what can I say? She is a pretty popular woman and she’s married to a very powerful man, but she’s still selling sex. She’s selling a lot of sex to teeny-boppers. Who are her fans? Everybody?

Tomlin continued by trying to clear up her statement some:

Oh, shit. I like her! I don’t dislike her! But I don’t pay any attention to that because – I mean, she’s fantastically beautiful and dances, but, you know, it’s very suggestive. If I was a 10-year-old, I would try to emulate her like most 10-year-olds do.

Source: Gawker

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

50 Cent’s return to music has been filled with sensation moments. Fif’s 1st week sales are in and they are the lowest 1st weeks sales in his career.

According to Hits Daily Double, 50 will come in right over 50,000 units of his 5th studio album Animal Ambition. That’s the smallest numbers of CD’s he’s moved in his entire career.

While the numbers are low, they are very comparable to many other urban releases lately. Add in the fact that 50 is now signed to an indie label and you can see why I’m sure Fifty is smiling from ear to ear.

50 is still planning to release his Street King Immortal album in September.




Rap Up

Rap Up

Queen Bey stars in her second spot since she signed on to be a spokeswoman for Toyota.

Beyonce is the face of the Japanese automaker’s “Get Going” campaign. In the 30-second clip, performs her hit “XO” in front of a projection screen.

Watch her commerical below



Wikipedia can be a great resource for researching facts about people, places and things. The site, mostly updated by fans or experts on various subjects has come under scrutiny in the past due to the fact that anybody, and I mean anybody can make a change to a page.

Remember when someone made this change to Solange’s wikipedia page after the now infamous elevator incident.


According to Adage, 13 public relations firms have pledged that they will no longer randomly make changes to their clients pages.

Several of the largest public-relations agencies issued a joint statement Tuesday promising to play by the rules of Wikipedia. It comes after years of PR agencies surreptitiously editing their clients’ pages on the site, much to the dismay of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors.

In the statement, 11 PR agencies “publicly state and commit” to abide by five principles that would prevent them from editing a client’s Wikipedia entry without first going through proper channels. It also makes overtures toward repairing the tenuous relationship between the PR industry and Wikipedia.

The firms that signed the statement are Edelman, Ogilvy & Mather, Fleishman Hillard, Burson-Marsteller, Ketchum, Porter Novelli, Peppercomm, MDC Partners, Voce Communications, Allison & Partners and Beutler Ink.

“On behalf of our firms, we recognize Wikipedia’s unique and important role as a public knowledge resource,” the statement begins.

“We also acknowledge that the prior actions of some in our industry have led to a challenging relationship with the community of Wikipedia editors. Our firms believe that it is in the best interest of our industry, and Wikipedia users at large, that Wikipedia fulfill its mission of developing an accurate and objective online encyclopedia. Therefore, it is wise for communications professionals to follow Wikipedia policies as part of ethical engagement practices.”

In October, Wikipedia’s parent organization, Wikimedia Foundation, issued a statement of its own “condemning the black hat practice of paid advocacy editing and sockpuppeting on Wikipedia.” The statement came after volunteer editors investigated more than 300 accounts they believed to be fakes, or “sockpuppets,” belonging to one PR agency, the Austin, Tex.-based Wiki-PR.

Source: Adage

Guardian LV

Guardian LV

Yesterday, Derek Fisher signed a deal to coach the New York Knicks. His deal was for 5 years, $25 million dollars, $5 million per year. Guess who makes more than him? The Jackson kids.

Michael Jackson’s children, Prince, Blanket and Paris have had their yearly allowance bumped up by $3 million dollars recently thanks to a jump in their dads estate. So they’ve gone from making $5 million a year to a whopping $8 million a year!

According to Perez Hilton, the three are actually pretty thrifty with their money.

Debbie Rowe’s fiancè, and family friend, Marc Schaffel, say the eldest son, 17-year-old Prince Jackson spends his money on jewelry for his three former girlfriends and $40,000 on a new Ford pick-up truck! But that’s it for Prince because he’s saving up $35 million to buy back Neverland Ranch

As for 16-year-old Paris Jackson, much of her allowance goes to paying for her therapeutic boarding school, since it costs six figures. And a little bit more goes to buying shoes and gym clothes for her friends, because she’s a sweetheart.

12-year-old Blanket Jackson has found lots of ways to spend his money too, paying $200/hour for a personal trainer and karate lessons, and going to pricey dinners with his cousins, which usually end up costing about $500 each time.

You got to applaud these kids for not blowing money fast. There’s still time though.

Source: Perez Hilton 


Stevie J can’t seem to stay out of jail.

The Love N Hip Hop star was arrested for owing over $1 million in unpaid child support. Back in February, Stevie J was served a subpoena to appear in Family Court over unpaid child support payments in connection to a child he conceived with Carol Bennett.

According to reports, Stevie J and Bennet had their children in 1997 and 1998, however Stevie stopped paying child support back in 2001, two years after he was court ordered to pay. Stevie J’s child support payments were initially $6,600 but reportedly increased to $850,000 as the producer began to attain more fame. Stevie J was arrested by police in Georgia and will have to face criminal charges in New York City.

Source: HHN247