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To say Mario Chalmers is having a bad Finals is an udnerstatement.

The Heat’s starting point guard has scored less that 10 points combined first three games of their 7 game series with the Spurs.

Last night, his terrible play hit a high note! Tony Parker, Manu Ginoboli and Patty Mills had their way with Chalmers and his back-up Norris Cole. It was Chalmers who catches the brunt of the slander, especially when it comes to twitter.

After the Heat dropped game 3 in Miami to the Spurs by 19 points, a hashtag #pgsbetterthanchalmers blew up on twitter!

Check out some of the best ones courtesy of Bleacher Report below


Source: Bleacher Report




After getting beat at home by 19 points, Lebron James and DWayne Wade weren’t in the mood to discuss how and why they lost game 3 against the San Antonio Spurs.

Last night, reporter Bobby Ramos managed to get ignored by Erik Spolestra when has asked about why the team didn’t defend better and laughed at when he questioned Bron and Wade about what happened last night?

Check out both responses below



Former top 3 NBA draft pick Chris Washburn was arrested recently in North Carolina for stealing gas.

Washburn was part of the now infamous 1986 draft that was full of promising players who flamed out in the league either from injuries or drug abuse. Washburn suffered from the latter.

He was arrested at his home on June 6th in the town of Hickory, North Carolina, and charged with felony obtaining property by false pretense.

According to NBC local reports, the charges stem from an incident that occured on May 25th, at a Hickory gas station. It’s been reported that 48-year-old Washburn pumped 14.75 gallons of gas and drove off without paying.

Washburn was later identified in a subsequent investigation as the perpetrator and given a $5,000 unsecured bond.

Source: WCNC



Kevin Hart has a new movie coming out this weekend. ‘Think Like A Man 2,’ is sure to be a box office hit. He can think about that as he watches this video over and over again.

His homie Chris Paul celebrated Hart’s new movie the best way he could. Paul posted a video on Instagram of his and Hart playing some ball. More like Kevin standing there while Cp3 used him as a prop for his own dunk show.

Paul posted the video with the caption, In honor of my man @kevinhart4real movie premiere tonite I figured I would show how we spent yesterday…#SundayFunDay #DontJump#IWishICouldDoThatFaReal #HendrixSawItToo#ThinkLikeAManToo

Check out Chris Paul jumping over Kevin Hart here.





2k dropped a new trailer for NBA2k15 and a chance to pre-order the game with a bunch of bonus stuff that Kevin Durant fans should enjoy.  Real fans of the game should really enjoy how they recreated Kevin Durant’s now famous MVP speech for the trailer.

Check out the clip below

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images/ESPN

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images/ESPN

9-days after finishing his professional basketball career, Derek Fisher will be assuming the role of head coach for the legendary New York Knicks.

Fisher, who has never coached a game in his life will be taking on his first job in a very high pressure environment. Current Knick GM and longtime friend of Fisher, Phil Jackson decided to bring in a fresh face to take the Knicks to the next level.

Fisher follows in the footsteps of Mark Jackson, Steve Kerr and Jason Kidd as former players who took over prominent positions in the sport with little to no experience.

After the announcement was made that Fish would be the new man on the sidelines for the Knicks, began thinking about other players who could come in and possibly make a contender or potential contender better immediately even though they have never coached a day in their life!

Patrick Ewing

The former Knick great and current assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats, Pat has been mentioned previously for other positions (Bobcats, Magic.) He’s even held a head coach postion, granted for a temporary time, with teh Bobcats. After working with Yao Ming and Dwight Howard, Ewing has made his name as the big man whisperer after helping both of those talents reach new heights. So what hasn’t he got the “you’re hired” conversation yet?

Patrick Ewing

Bleacher Report

Ewing brings to the position years of experience as an all-pro player and years on the sidelines watching some good coaches like Stan Van Gundy. I can see Ewing being tapped to head up a team that has a young big man like Anthony Davis or Joel Embiid to help them maximize their full potential. I wouldn’t be shocked if he found himself on the bench alongside SVG in Detroit helping Andre Drummond become the dominant big man that he’s shown flashes of being.

What’s stopping him from landing a spot as a head coach somewhere? Only general managers can answer that question. Till then, he’ll keep waiting and waiting and waiting.

Bruce Bowen

Hoops Hype

Hoops Hype

The San Antonio Spurs defensive wiz has a pretty good job reporting on basketball for ESPN right now and might not want to take on the day-to-day stress that comes with coaching a pro team. If he did, I think his personality, experience as a player and years of watching the game from a new point of view, ike Steve Kerr, might make him a good person to at least think about when it comes to choosing a new coach.

Bowen will definitely stress defense to his teams as well as bringing in a system of play that includes plenty of ball movement and patience like what he played in San Antonio.

If you were a team like the Sixers who seem to allow anyone to score, wouldn’t you like to see someone like Bowen working with Nerlens Noel, Michael-Carter Williams and whoever they pick with their #3 pick in the NBA draft on how not to let someone score at will on you?

Luke Walton

He wasn’t much of a player, but I feel like he might be the next Phil Jackson. Aside from the fact that he’s played for Phil and his father is Bill Walton, Luke is a master of the triangle offense. He was actually rumored to be up for a coaching position with the Knicks thanks to Phil Jackson.



Walton’s best strength would be that he can install and teach the triangle offense to a young team. I see Walton coming into the league as a coach eventually and being a good, maybe great one. Whether or not it happens anytime soon has yet to be determined, but don’t be shocked if see Walton glued to another teams bench like he has been his whole career. (shots fired from a diehard Celtics fan. BOOM!)

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

The former all-star point guard was the only person who could help the N.B.A. avoid players walking off the court during the Donald Sterling incident. Johnson is currently the Mayor of Sacramento. He used his influence in the league to help negotiate the sale of the Kings to owners who would keep the team in the city. While none of that is coaching experience, I can’t think of someone better to lead a group of men into battle than K.J.

While starting the point for the Suns, he managed to keep ball hungry players like Charles Barkley and Dan Majerle happy, while finding his own shot. He led the team to multiple playoff berths and a Finals appearance.

I’m sure he can come in right now and help a team like the Grizzlies who have a young point guard like Mike Conley take that next leap into the upper echelon of the Western Conference.

Who knows if Johnson would want to coach? If he does make his coaching intentions known, don’t be shocked if a few teams will spend sometime knocking at his door hoping he answers.

John Stockton

Another point guard? Don’t be shocked. If anybody can go from on the court to coach it would be a point guard. Points play like coaches on the court anyway. Many call their own plays on offense and defense, and have managed to keep a locker-room of varying personalities focused on a common goal.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

After Stockton took the Utah Jazz to back to back Finals appearances against the Chicago Bulls, Stockton might be the person who can lead his former team to glory again. Stockton is a quiet type in general, not sure if taking press conference after press conference would be his cup of tea, but helping the struggling Jazz get back to the playoffs and hopefully the Finals might make that part of the job worthwhile.




Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images/ESPN

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images/ESPN

Derek Fisher looks like he’ll be the next player to go directly from playing to coaching.

According to ESPN, the New York Knicks have come to an agreement with Fisher to become the teams new head coach.

The two sides are in the process of finalizing a five-year, $25 million deal, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Sources told’s Marc Stein that new Knicks president Phil Jackson has been fully focused on Fisher since Steve Kerr unexpectedly decided to take the Golden State Warriors’ job, when Jackson and essentially the whole league believed Kerr was bound for New York.

Fisher has played under current Knicks General Manager Phil Jackson for years as a Los Angeles Laker. With Jackson, Fisher won five championships.

Fisher was pegged to be a head coach for years after he decides to retire. His name became more talked about after Jackson’s favorite for the vacant job, Steve Kerr decided to take a job with Golden State as opposed to working for his former coach.

Source: ESPN

kanye west

This past Saturday night, Kanye West made an appearance at the 2014 X Games in Austin Texas.

Ye gave an extreme performance for the the thousands in attendance to see the extreme games. Check out West perform “New Slaves”, and “Black Skinhead”, below


Beyond the Buzzer

Beyond the Buzzer

Last night was another close one, but this time Lebron James didn’t come up lame in the final minutes. James bounced back from game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs with a 35 point game.

The Heat pulled out a win to knot the series at 1-1.

After his now epic leg cramp, Lebron said that he was able to stay flexible and on the court this round because of some pre-game yoga.

If that’s what pushed him to this performance, don’t be shocked if down-ward dog before games for James is now mandatory.

Check out highlights from his performance below


Since the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat are the only two teams in the NBA with a schedule to keep, there aer a lot of players doing nothing but twiddling their thumbs and waiting for training camp.

One of those players in Toronto Raptors guard Landry Fields. Fields clearly had some free time on his hands when he accepted the chance to appear on ABC’s new reality singing series, ‘Sing Your Face Off.’

The show is a singing competition that features celebrities who are transformed and trained to perform as different legendary musical icons.


This week, Fields dressed up as Nicki Minaj and gave his best shot at performing one of her hit songs, “Starships.” Yup, he did all that. Check out his performance below