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Miley Cyrus 3

Lets hope that this is the end of mainstream America’s fascination with twerking!

Miley Cyrus fully put the dance style into the forefront this past weekend when she hit the stage in Brooklyn for the MTV VMA awards. After days of back and forth about what twerking is,  ABC news took on the challenge of explaining to the world what twerking is.

According to  ABC news, Twerking is such a complex, technical subject, only a Ph.D. researcher can explain how the body does what it does to make it happen.

Read their full explanation of twerking and how it can help you stay fit here

Source: ABC news



Parenting and pot may seem like a taboo combination, but a group of Beverly  Hills moms swear it is the secret to their success.

The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club recently gathered at the home of founder  Cheryl Shuman, the self-proclaimed “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” for a  non-traditional “pot luck” dinner.

The menu included chicken and fettuccine topped with marinara sauce made with  cannabis-infused olive oil, as well as garlic bread with cannabis-infused  butter.

Many of the women who congregated at Shuman’s said they used medical  marijuana to help them battle chronic pain, cancer and anxiety. They said their  goal isn’t to get completely stoned, but rather to take the edge off.


“Cannabis not only made me a better mom. Cannabis made me a better human  being,” Shuman told ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas.

The 53-year-old said that 10 years ago she was desperate for an escape as  her marriage fell apart. Taking Prozac in the morning and Xanax at night wasn’t  doing the job, so her therapist suggested she “smoke a joint.”

“So I took a hit off of it I was smiling and happy and I was like, ‘this is  really great,'” she said in an interview with ABC News.

Shuman claimed she felt better after the puffs than she did from taking the  pharmaceuticals. And her daughter said she certainly saw a difference.

“I felt like my mom was checked out on prescription pills. It was like  living with a zombie. When she would smoke she was smiling. She was connecting  with us. It felt like we had our mom back,” her daughter, Aimee, said.

SOURCE: NY Daily News


Zimmerman’s defense team has rested its case. Now it’s time for the prosecution. Watch the closing statements live here courtesy of ABC news.



Massachusetts authorities are expected to execute an arrest warrant at some point for New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez for obstruction of justice in connection with a homicide investigation.

The warrant was prepared after police discovered that the security system at  Hernandez’s home , along with his cellphone, were destroyed, sources told ABC News.

Hernandez returned home Friday, driven by his lawyer, Michael Fee.

Police were at Hernandez’s home again Thursday with another search warrant based on evidence that Hernandez “destroyed his home security system,” an investigator close to the case told ABC News.

The investigator and other law enforcement sources confirmed the security system was smashed intentionally. Hernandez’s cellphone was handed over to investigators “in pieces” by his attorneys, sources added. Police also want to know why a team of house cleaners was hired on Monday to scrub Hernandez’s mansion, sources told ABC News.


“There’s a federal statute in every state that you cannot knowingly destroy evidence. And what [authorities] believe has happened here is that the home surveillance system was destroyed, the cellphone was destroyed, the house was cleaned, and the police think there was evidence that was destroyed because of that,” ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack said.

“Now the problem of course is that nobody knows what was in that home surveillance, so in some ways it’s difficult for the police to make their case.”

Surveillance video from the North Attleborough, Mass., neighborhood of Hernandez shows him with Odin Lloyd and two other people hours before Lloyd was killed earlier this week, sources confirmed to ABC News late Thursday.

In addition, the Boston Globe reported that video images appear to show Hernandez and Lloyd together on Fayston Street in Boston early Monday morning.

Hernandez, 23, has been at the center of the investigation since the body of Lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player, was found shot in the back of the head Monday in an industrial park near Hernandez’s home in North Attleborough.

Read full story here



Beyonce recently opened up to Good Morning America about her career, her family, her role in the animated feature “Epic,” and the reaction to her trip to Cuba.

Check out the interview here

Chief Keef was recently mentioned on ABC News on their segment about gang violence in Chicago. I don’t agree that he’s the sole reason, but I think it’s a great debate to have. Check out Diane Sawyer and her report