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  Once again, here’s another situation where social media could get someone locked up. A twitter user named @queendemetriax tweeted a joke about that has gained her 1000 new followers and landed her in hot water with American Airlines and Twitter.




Earlier this morning, @queendemetriax tweeted, “hello my name’s Ibrahim and I’m from Afghanistan. I’m part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I’m gonna do something really big bye” at American Airline’s Twitter account. It didn’t take long for American Airlines to reply, claiming that they had her IP address and “details,” which they would forward to security and the FBI. This tweet as since been deleted, probably because they do not have either her IP address and “details,” as those are details that only law enforcement can request.

 @queendemetriax’s freaked out, again via twitter:


Hopefully she learned a lesson. And hopefully B613 hasn’t found her yet too



Airlines Fares

An American Airlines flight headed from San Francisco to JFK had to make an emergency landing in Kansas City yesterday after a camera disguised as a flashdrive was discovered taped to a wall inside a lavatory.

It’s unclear who discovered the camera, which authorities treated as a potential bomb threat. Passengers were told at the time that there was a problem with the air circulation system. When the Boeing 767 landed, more than 200 people were removed and kept in an unused terminal for several hours while authorities searched the plane.

No arrests have been made, but security officials — including the Kansas City FBI — are investigating who placed the camera in the bathroom.

Source: Gawker  


Soulja Boy knows how to say in the public. Now, if music was the reason why he was always in the spotlight. Today, Soulja was removed from an airline by police because he refused to sit down when asked. Maybe he thought he could soulja boy dance his way to where he had to go.

Watch the show get removed from the plane here




Wale will never ride American Airlines again. While on a flight to NYC yesterday, the MMG star was kicked off a plane because he refused to turn his phone off. This isn’t the first time that airline staff have been forced to toss a celeb off a plane for not turning their phone off.

Alec Baldwin had a meltdown when he was asked to shut down his phone before the plane was to take off. I guess they’re taking this stuff serious. So FYI, celeb or not, turn your damn phone off.