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After getting beat at home by 19 points, Lebron James and DWayne Wade weren’t in the mood to discuss how and why they lost game 3 against the San Antonio Spurs.

Last night, reporter Bobby Ramos managed to get ignored by Erik Spolestra when has asked about why the team didn’t defend better and laughed at when he questioned Bron and Wade about what happened last night?

Check out both responses below


Beyond the Buzzer

Beyond the Buzzer

Last night was another close one, but this time Lebron James didn’t come up lame in the final minutes. James bounced back from game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs with a 35 point game.

The Heat pulled out a win to knot the series at 1-1.

After his now epic leg cramp, Lebron said that he was able to stay flexible and on the court this round because of some pre-game yoga.

If that’s what pushed him to this performance, don’t be shocked if down-ward dog before games for James is now mandatory.

Check out highlights from his performance below

Lebron James

Haters and Spurs fans weren’t the only ones trolling Lebron James last night. Gatorade took a few shots at Bron Bron after his leg cramped up.

Fans were tweeting Gatordade’s twitter account and this is how they were responding


Lets hope Lebron stays hydrated better next game.


The Miami Heat wrapped up the Indiana Pacers last night to punch their ticket to their 4th Eastern Conference Finals. The biggest storyline of the series was Lance Stephenson and Lebron James.

Stephenson stood up and said that he would guard the best player in the world. He did a pretty good job for the most part, even though some of his methods were slightly bizzare. Flops, invading team huddles, and of course, blowing in Lebron’s ear. Lance went all out this round!

Despite the series being over, we can still remember the weird relationship that Bron and Born Ready had. Check out this montage of their dealings below


Last night, Lance Stephenson showed that the Pacers are going to fight till the end against the Heat. He did everything in his power to show that he’s not going to give up. Stephenson tried hard to get into the teams head. He also tried to get into Lebron James’ ear, literally.

At one point in the game, Lance tried to blow into Bron’s ear. James looked un-fazed.

You know the Internet got their hands on a still shot of the incident and created a ton of hilarious memes! Check out 5 of the funniest memes, courtesy of BallOverAll below

Lance blowing into a Nintendo cartridge

Lance blowing into a Nintendo cartridge

Lance blowing 50 Cent's pitch sideways

Lance blowing 50 Cent’s pitch sideways

Lance blowing Marilyn Monroe's skirt up

Lance blowing Marilyn Monroe’s skirt up

Lance playing a part in Titanic

Lance playing a part in Titanic

Lance appears in The Wizard of OZ

Lance appears in The Wizard of OZ




The NBA is going to have to take a look at this Lance Stephenson incident.

Last night, the Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson attempted to pull off probably one of the worst flops I’ve ever seen.

In the third quarter of the Pacers play-off game against the Miami Heat, Stephenson blatantly flopped when guarding LeBron James.

After being called for a foul, he stayed on the court for a few extra seconds, looking as if he couldn’t believe he was called for the foul, or he was so tired that he had to take a quick nap on the court.

Check out Stephenson and his C-list acting job below


Now that we’re down to the NBA’s version of the Final Four, the championship series and the winner of that will all be announced in the next few weeks.

Thanks to the creators at fans can watch their favorite players battle it out in a mash-up of the NBA and Game of Thrones. The spoof of the show by adding NBA players who are all on the hunt for a championship ring.

Check out the video below


Before it was announced that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling would be banned for life from the NBA thanks to his racist rant that was caught on tape, many players determined early that they would walk off the court as long as Sterling had a place in the league.

VP of the NBA Players Association, Roger Mason Jr. spoke with Jim Rome about Sterling. While on the show he dropped an atomic bomb that might move the league to push through quickly with getting rid of Sterling and the Sterling family.

Mason said that Lebron James has promised that he will not play in 2015-16 if Sterling is still around. Listen to his interview below


Uptown Mag

Production companies are breaking their necks to see who can land the rights to film Lebron James’ high school life.

According to Variety, Universal Pictures is nearing a deal to acquiring the rights to an untitled feature project revolving around NBA superstar LeBron James’ high school career. An aggressive bidding war has seen several studios vying for the film.

“Dallas Buyers Club” producer Rachel Winter and husband Terence will produce along with James and his manager Maverick Carter. The project is based on a pitch by Frank E. Flowers.

After the film stalled in development, Rachel Winter approached James and Carter two years ago to put some life into the project and helped bring on Flowers in January to put the gears further in motion on getting this film to a studio.

The story was covered in the 2008 documentary “More Than a Game,” which followed James and his four high school teammates through their playing career together and the ups and downs that came with it while James’ fame grew.

James recently made the jump from CAA to WME, and the agency has moved quickly in getting the project out to studios. Universal is a good fit since it is already in the James business — the studio and Imagine Entertainment are developing the basketball comedy “Ballers,” in which James is expected to star alongside Kevin Hart.

Source: SLAM


Lebron James fans will be able to keep up with the superstar easier now.

Samsung Galaxy will offer a new Lebron James app for users. The app will allow a user to check out Lebron’s work-outs, new music that’s he supports, photos and more.

According to the official press release:

rom the official press release:

The LeBron app will allow fans a glimpse inside LeBron’s world at a time when the Miami Heat player is in the midst of his busiest and most exciting time of year. The app will share never-been-seen content including photos and video both on the court and off the court along with game highlights and stats during the NBA Playoffs.

“We are creating content and services that enhance the consumers’ experience with our products,” said Todd Pendleton, chief marketing officer at Samsung Telecommunications America. “The LeBron app is the first of its kind that allows him to connect with his fans in a unique way, and gives our Galaxy owners an exclusive, insider’s view into his world.”

The exclusive content will focus on all areas of LeBron’s life, featuring four sections to browse:

1.) Athlete: Photos and videos of his workouts, daily life as an athlete including his routine for getting ready for games, post-game remarks and more.

2.) NBA Playoffs: LeBron’s season and career along with live scores from the Heat’s playoff games.

3.) Style: Photos and videos of his classic style, sneakers of the day, off-the-court looks, a radio that plays his favorite songs, and more.

4.) Journey: Insight into what fuels LeBron off the court including, his charitable work with his Foundation, as well as his home life with his wife and kids.

“Our partnership with Samsung continues to be totally innovative and exciting.” said Maverick Carter, LeBron James’ business manager and partner. “We collaborate on every project, concept, and campaign to come up with ideas that are totally authentic to LeBron and connect directly with his community. The NBA Playoffs are already so compelling and I think fans are going to love an opportunity to go even deeper.”

Source: SLAM