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To say Mario Chalmers is having a bad Finals is an udnerstatement.

The Heat’s starting point guard has scored less that 10 points combined first three games of their 7 game series with the Spurs.

Last night, his terrible play hit a high note! Tony Parker, Manu Ginoboli and Patty Mills had their way with Chalmers and his back-up Norris Cole. It was Chalmers who catches the brunt of the slander, especially when it comes to twitter.

After the Heat dropped game 3 in Miami to the Spurs by 19 points, a hashtag #pgsbetterthanchalmers blew up on twitter!

Check out some of the best ones courtesy of Bleacher Report below


Source: Bleacher Report




Last night, the Brooklyn Nets took on the Miami Heat in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. The Nets, who swept the Heat in the regular season, lost for the first team against the Heatles 107-89. That wasn’t for lack of effort though.

The Nets scrapped all the way through the game. Take this play for example. Nets forward Paul Pierce hit Heat guard Mario Chalmers with a flying shoulder, laying him out. The two were both going for a loose ball.

Check out video from the incident below


Last night, Mario Chalmers, Dwayne Wade and Lebron connected one a play that turned out to be a Lebron James one-handed ally-oop.

Check out the play below


If you were watching the Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat game, then you know that Lebron James got into a heated argument with teammater Mario Chalmers.

James had an reaction to whatever Mario Chalmers was saying in the huddle. James jumped up at Chalmers during a timeout before Udonis Haslem pulled him back to prevent a possible involuntary manslaughter charge for ‘Bron. Later, though, James could be seen apologizing to his young point guard on the bench.

Check out the incident below. By the way, heat beat the Pacers 94-87

Source: Dime Mag


With the NBA Play-offs in full effect, it’s not shock that some teams are going overboard to get focused. One team that has been extra focused in the Miami Heat . Heading into the play-offs, they are the best bet for taking home the championship this year. That hasn’t stopped the team from taking some time to goof around some in practice. Recently, Lebron James, ray Allen and point guard Mario Chalmers got into a shooting contest during practice that the King won. The loosers got the chance to do 20 push-ups. Check out Allen and Chalmers struggle through it right here.

SOURCE: Slamonline