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So Sean Combs is back being Puff Daddy. You know what that means right? Yup, we’re about to get new music from Puffy.

Puff is prepping a new album called Money Makin Mitch. We’ve already heard one track, the Rick Ross assisted “Big Homie.” Puff goes back to the MMG camp for his next track. “I Want The Love,” features Meek Mill on the hook (and probably the verse but I’m gonna leave that alone.)

Check out the video for the Young Chop produced track  below

Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta



The spill over from the incident at Summer Jam between 50 Cent and Slow from Slow Bucks has somehow made its way to Philly. MMG artist Meek Mill has been going back and forth with his artist, Louie V Gutta.

Louie is signed to Meek’s DreamChaser label. If you remember, he got robbed for $40k in jewelry and other items at a Waffle House in Atlanta after the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Earlier today, Meek took offense to a tweet that Louie sent out. Not sure if Meek thought the tweet was aimed at him since he was previously tweeting about the Summer Jam incident. He responded with this


Which led to Louie V Gutta responding with this.   The twitter back and forth went on for a while. Thing began to heat up just a few minutes ago after the went back and forth with these tweets.  

We all know that the city of Brotherly Love can change to Brotherly fist fights, then gun fights in a NYC minute. Lets hope cooler heads prevail and they get back to making music.



Who would’ve thought that lines like, “There’s levels to this shit/Levels to this shit/Can’t fuck my bitch, cause there’s levels to this shit” could inspire a generation.

A new study from the American Psychology Association shows that Meek Mill’s influence on low-income African American teens is bigger than anyone would have imagined.

The study conducted by Cendrine Robinson, MS, shows that songs like “Traumatized” and “Intro” have a connection to hip hop therapy, a method that shows how Hip Hop music can be a therapeutic tool to some youths.

After talking to her clients about their favorite artists, Robinson listened to Chief Keef and Meek Mill.

Robinson concluded in the study that many teens listened t0 Meek Mill because of his stories of pain and loss while growing up a dangerous area. The study also proved that the teens connect to Meek’s sadness because of the harsh realities of each of his songs.

“Mill, like other youth, likely finds telling his story to be therapeutic,” she said. “Telling his story through music allows him to grapple with his stressors in a way that is positive. Most current psychological interventions for youth fail to acknowledge the power of using rap music to help heal our youth. Hip hop therapy is one of few treatments that incorporate an approach that is truly sensitive to the culture of many Black youth.”

Sidenote: If your patients listen to Chief Keef and Meek Mill primarily, the have some deep rooted issues.

Source: XXL 



After much anticipation, Meek Mill releases his single,  “I Don’t Know,” from his sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money.

Produced by the Honorable C.N.O.T.E. production, Meek issues a warning to those who mess with his crew.

Meek has enlisted Timbaland, Rita Ora, and Chris Brown for the follow-up to his 2012 debut Dreams and Nightmares

Check out the new track below

Meek MIll

Meek Mill goes in over Lil Herb’s “Chi-Raq” instrumental. He enlists Lil Durk and Shy Glizzy to rock out with him. Check out the track below


Meek Mill lost his civil suit against the Philadelphia Police Department.

Meek was suing the PPD for lost wages after a 2012 arrest

Police arrested the rapper after accusations of drug use on his tour bus. Meek claims the arrest was racially motivated and sued for $400,000 in lost income and emotional distress.

The jury sided with the defendants, Andre Boyer and Officer Alvin Outlaw claiming that they didn’t violate his Fourth Amendment laws.

Meek spoke to reporters after the ruling.

“They ain’t from where I’m from,” the rapper said. “I (don’t) really expect them to understand what I go through. I respect their decision though.”

He also said to reporters that Philly police constantly abuse their authority against black people.

“In neighborhoods like where I come from, four black males in a car … we’re always being asked to be searched,” Mill testified Monday. “All I was doing that night was going to work and doing what I had to do.”

Boyer was fired after lying about another traffic stop. His rap sheet also included more civil complaints than any other officer in the case.

Meek tweeted his thoughts after leaving court on Thursday.

“I’m not surprised…Just let me move away from here …I just wanna get this money..And take care of my family! I sued they said I’m wrong.”

Source: Rap Up


Would this count as, “snitching?”

MMG rapper and Philadelphia native, Meek Mill will take the stand today and testify against the Philadelphia Police Department in a civil suit.

The 26-year-old rapper, born Robert RahMeek Williams, filed a civil rights lawsuit against the City of Brotherly Love as well as one former and current police officer. He believes that authorities only stopped him and his entourage because they were black, and therefore deemed suspicious.

“In neighborhoods like where I come from, four black males in a car … we’re always being asked to be searched,” he said on the stand. “All I was doing that night was going to work and doing what I had to do.”

Three men accompanied the MMG signee on the night of the incident, one of which was a VP at Warner Bros. Records. Another was an armed off-duty cop. They were stopped on their way to hop a private jet to Atlanta so that Meek could fulfill an appearance obligation, and were instead held by police for several hours.

According to his suit, the delay cost the “Amen” spitter more than $50,000, including the $22,500 cost to charter the aircraft, a loss of record sales from his Dreams & Nightmares debut and caused Puma to cut his sneaker endorsement to $650,000 from $2 million — all due to his allegedly tarnished image. He is suing for emotional distress as well.

Given his celebrity status, Meek argues that officers turned him into a public spectacle as crowds formed around the Philly-born star at the time of the run-in. Police also took photos of him and posted them on social media.

Cops claim the incident was a routine traffic stop and reportedly smelled marijuana emitting from the vehicle. No drugs were found.

The lead officer involved, Andre Boyer, allegedly has a reputation for being an “aggressive narcotics” officer, according to a police memo revealed in court. Boyer has since been fired from the department and holds the most civil rights complaints among all of his former co-workers.

Source: BET 

Meek MIll

Meek Mill was in his hometown of Philadelphia recently. While there, he gave a freestyle to HHS1987. Check out Meek and Omelly dropping bars below


Meek Mill is proud of his Philadelphia roots, but that won’t stop him for suing the city for losing him his deal with Puma thanks to a suspect arrest.

According to TMZ,  Meek claims his Halloween 2012 arrest was total BS because even though cops claimed they smelled pot in his car. They searched his vehicle and came up with nothing. Meek says he was cuffed for refusing to let cops search and he ended up missing a private jet flight to Atlanta.

Meek claims he lost $22k on the cancelled jet and a $39K appearance fee for the A-Town party he missed.
In the docs, he also claims he took a hit in negotiating a $2 million deal with Puma because all the negative pub from the arrest forced him to settle for  just $650K.

Meek is suing the city of Philly for false imprisonment and invasion of privacy.

This is the same arrest for which Meek sued the Philadelphia PD for false imprisonment.

Source: TMZ



MMG’s own Meek Mill gave hip-hop a fair warning that the summer would be his with the announcement of his sophomore album Dreams Worth More Than Money.

Meek Mill is working hard on his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. He hasn’t given us much to hear from the new project until now. Meek hit the studio with Key Wane and the Migos for “Contagious.”

Stream a clip of the new song here