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Watch what you drink next time you’re in a strip club.

Four NYC exotic dancers targeted wealthy professionals, spiking their drinks with molly and tricking them into spending upwards of $200,000 in one night.

The victims, included a banker, an attorney, and a doctor. All allege that they showed up to a strip club, where they were allegedly drugged and then driven to Scores in Manhattan and RedHouse in Queens where they were charged extravagant amounts for private rooms, food and “other services.”

The four women, Samantha Barbash, Roselyn Keo, Marsi Rosen, and Karina Pascucci are being accused of doing this several times with different men over a period of four months.

Source: Uptown




Former top 3 NBA draft pick Chris Washburn was arrested recently in North Carolina for stealing gas.

Washburn was part of the now infamous 1986 draft that was full of promising players who flamed out in the league either from injuries or drug abuse. Washburn suffered from the latter.

He was arrested at his home on June 6th in the town of Hickory, North Carolina, and charged with felony obtaining property by false pretense.

According to NBC local reports, the charges stem from an incident that occured on May 25th, at a Hickory gas station. It’s been reported that 48-year-old Washburn pumped 14.75 gallons of gas and drove off without paying.

Washburn was later identified in a subsequent investigation as the perpetrator and given a $5,000 unsecured bond.

Source: WCNC





Question. If you had more that $3 million worth of Nike sneakers sitting on your lawn, wouldn’t you know? I would hope most people would notice such a haul sitting on their front lawn. These Kentucky residents are claiming just that.

Kentucky police made an astounding find at a Hardin County home last week, discovering $3 million worth of missing Nike shoes.

A search warrant detailed that the shoes were supposed to be shipped in 2009 to a Nike distribution center, according to WLKY-TV.

But, they never made it there, and ultimately landed outside a Hardin County home. After obtaining a warrant last week, police arrived at the scene and confiscated the thousands of pairs of shoes.

“Yesterday there was a, I think the SWAT team pulled up, a couple of Radcliff police cars, (Kentucky) State Police, and then they brought in the fire truck later on,” neighbor Kirk Oxendine said.

According to the search warrant, Nike confirmed that the confiscated shoes matched the shipping label on their products.

However, the two individuals who had the shoes in their possession told WLKY they were not aware that they had been stolen.

“Apparently Nike had called and contacted them and the shoes were stolen and they had been stolen since 2009 and there were three million dollars worth of shoes in my front yard,” one of the sellers said. “They confiscated all of them.”



Florida State v Clemson

A few weeks ago, Florida State University quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston was fined and suspended from the FSU baseball team for allegedly stealing more than $30 worth of crab legs from a Publix.

Winston later denied to stealing the food and claims that he just forgot to pay.

Well this footage may say otherwise. Surveillance footage shows Winston picking up the crab legs and making a break for it.

Check out the footage below


Ed Reed is $50,000 lighter today

Reed was the victim of a robbery in which a bag containing $50,000 cash was stolen out of his car, according to Local 2 in Houston.

Police say someone smashed a window in Reed’s car and took the bag of cash from the front seat. Reed had just taken the money out of a bank, and police believe someone who saw him make the withdrawal followed him.

After playing his first 11 seasons with the Ravens, Reed spent part of the 2013 season in Houston before being released and finishing the season with the Jets.

Source: PFT


Yall remember Lil Hot? At one time, Hot was one of the hotttest acts coming out of Atlanta. He’s been quiet for a little while now, but he’s been making some noise on twitter.

Lil Hot recently called out Migos, accusing the trio of stealing one of his songs. in 2011, Hot teamed up with Waka Flocka to release “Jumpin Out the Gym.” This year, Migos’ dropped a track with the same name.  According to Lil Hot he attempted to reach out to the young group but didn’t get an answer. After many attempts, Lil Hot took to Twitter to air out his grievances with Migos.

@MigosATL @QuavoStuntin y’all Got 48 hrs To Check in Lil Homey Bout That #jumpingoutthegym riffraff ? Nd I can’t get homage ???” Lil Hot posted on Twitter. “Everybody dat knowme I don’t beef wit niggas especially lil niggas. But DISRESPECT will not be TOLERATED AT ALL! THE LINE IS DRAWN #Cntdwn”.

After unsuccessfully tweeting at the Migos, Lil Hot got fed up, writing “@kksec_dte I tried to scream at da yung niggas @MigosATL @OffsetYRN @QuavoStuntin on some G shit bout dat jumping out da gym.. Time up.”

Listen to both tracks below

Lil Hot ft Waka Flocka “Jumpin Out the Gym”

Migos ft Riff Raff x Trinidad James “Jumpin Out the Gym”


Back on New Years Eve, Toronto Raptor’s guard Kyle Lowry gave a fan his game worn sneakers as a souvenir. As he was passing the kid the sneakers after the Raptors played the Bulls, someone in the stands stole them from him before they were even in his hand.

The event would go viral the minute it hit the net. To make it up to the fan, Lowry decided to give him a new pair.

In a statement on the team’s website, Lowry said:

The night started well enough for (Alan) Vale, a Toronto native who decided to travel to Chicago to see his favourite team on New Year’s Eve.

“I went with my girlfriend and we just wanted to go to an American city that we hadn’t been to before. So we decided on Chicago and conveniently enough, the Raptors were playing on New Year’s Eve, so I wasn’t about to miss that.”

Good call, as the Raptors pulled away late to defeat the Bulls 85-79 for a solid road win. The couple had shelled out a little more to sit in the lower bowl near the tunnel on the special night and were even able to high-five a few of the players on their way out.

Lowry was the last to leave the court and Vale kept the shout outs coming.

“I think I yelled at him ‘I came from Toronto and you played a great game, that was awesome,’ just kind of non-nonchalantly,” said Vale. “He turned around and started to untie his shoe and I was thinking ‘is this really happening right now?’”

Unfortunately, someone else clearly understood what was happening and wound up with the equivalent of two “pick sixes” at Soldier Field. But thanks to a little sleuthing on social media, Lowry was told about the incident and decided to make it right before the Raptors game against the Bucks on Monday.</em>

Vale, along with his friend Francis, was invited to take in pregame warmups courtside on Monday. He was then taken to the players lounge for what he thought was an interview about his story, only to have Lowry arrive to personally delivered a pair of his shoes.

That was a good deed. Lets hope no one steals these too.

Source: SLAM


Bay area legend Rappin 4-Tay has an issue with Champagne Papi.

Tay took to twitter to air-out Drake for lifting his lyrics for his verse on YG’s “Who Do You Love?”  After hearing the song, 4-Tay knew something sounded familiar. Drizzy’s bars sound a lot like the words Tay used for his song, “Playerz Club.”


He’s wasn’t tripping though. He just wanted to know where the love was?

Fans even chipped in posting pictures of the lyrics from Rappin 4-Tay’s “Playerz Club” to Drake’s verse on “Who Do You Love?”

Take a listen to the “Playerz Club” next to Drake’s verse on “Who Do You Love?” Do you thin Drake owes Tay a “thank you.”


A Houston Audi dealership ran into some big problems recently after thieves successfully jacked an $80,000 car from the lot. The man who stole it actually came into the dealership, discussed terms with the car dealer, took it for a test drive, and went through all the normal procedures.

When the associate got up for what he says was only 15 seconds, the man had scooped up the keys and dashed off with the whip. Check out the story above.


Brazen thieves used a pickup truck to repeatedly ram an ATM mounted outside a southwest Atlanta gas station early Monday before finally knocking the cash machine off its foundation and stealing it.

Surveillance video from the 5:42 a.m. incident at the Citgo on Cleveland Avenue at I-85 showed that the station’s clerk ran outside and tried to stop the thieves, who kept ramming the small ATM even as he stood next to it.

Police and clerk Rashid Bhuyia told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that once the thieves broke the cash machine free, they put it in the back of the red Dodge Dakota and drove away.

Bhuyia was not injured in the incident.

Source: AJC