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Watch what you drink next time you’re in a strip club.

Four NYC exotic dancers targeted wealthy professionals, spiking their drinks with molly and tricking them into spending upwards of $200,000 in one night.

The victims, included a banker, an attorney, and a doctor. All allege that they showed up to a strip club, where they were allegedly drugged and then driven to Scores in Manhattan and RedHouse in Queens where they were charged extravagant amounts for private rooms, food and “other services.”

The four women, Samantha Barbash, Roselyn Keo, Marsi Rosen, and Karina Pascucci are being accused of doing this several times with different men over a period of four months.

Source: Uptown



Yesterday, Cam’ron celebrated his birthday. In true Dipset tradition, he did it big. Held at a secret location in New York, Cam brought out Dame Dash, Erica Mena and his BFF JuJu to rock out with him and a ton of strippers.

Thank goodness for Instagram. Take a look at some of the pictures from the party below. Check out more pictures from Cam’s bday party here



Nicki Minaj hit up Perfections in Queens this past weekend and broke all sorts of strip club rules when she grabbed a handfull of ass.


Minaj, along with rappers Meek Mill and  Maino, took over the stripclub. She even got right up to the stage and started grinding  with some of the dancers.

Before long, Nicki and the staff were feeling  each other down … with Minaj tweeting, “I love bad b*tches dats my f**kin  problem.”



As if there wasn’t enough worship of strippers in the hip-hop world, a new reality show series shines the light even more on what goes down in the booty clubs around the country. “Strip Club Queens Of Atlanta,” takes you behind the scenes of ATL’s famous strip club scene. Following the lives of 6 strippers, the show gives you an all access pass to what happens in the srtip joint.



It I can get hectic in the strip club, especially if you’re in Detroit. According to , reality star Deelishis was jumped by some strippers while in a club in Detroit. Rumor has it that she was messing with a strippers man and….well just look at the pics.



I guess everyone is feeling the effects of this recession. Leak security footage shows a fight that broke out in a Milwaukee strip club between 2 strippers of a loose dollar bill.