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Splash Images

Splash Images

There’s a thin line between something being artsy and creative and something being over the top and out of pocket. Pop star Katy Perry veered way past the former and all the way into the latter during a recent performance.

Perry brought out some big, big booty dancing mummies to join her on stage during her set. The images from the performance so some characters had bit butts, big breasts and bright red lips. Many thought she was more mimmickig what she thought black women look like.

Many didn’t take kindly to her portrayl or attempted portrayl of African-American women and most took to twitter to voice their rage.

Noted hip-hop journalist and historian, Davey D was one of the many who asked why something like this is ok


Davey wasn’t the only one going in. Check out some more tweets here




To say Mario Chalmers is having a bad Finals is an udnerstatement.

The Heat’s starting point guard has scored less that 10 points combined first three games of their 7 game series with the Spurs.

Last night, his terrible play hit a high note! Tony Parker, Manu Ginoboli and Patty Mills had their way with Chalmers and his back-up Norris Cole. It was Chalmers who catches the brunt of the slander, especially when it comes to twitter.

After the Heat dropped game 3 in Miami to the Spurs by 19 points, a hashtag #pgsbetterthanchalmers blew up on twitter!

Check out some of the best ones courtesy of Bleacher Report below


Source: Bleacher Report

Lebron James

Haters and Spurs fans weren’t the only ones trolling Lebron James last night. Gatorade took a few shots at Bron Bron after his leg cramped up.

Fans were tweeting Gatordade’s twitter account and this is how they were responding


Lets hope Lebron stays hydrated better next game.

Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta



The spill over from the incident at Summer Jam between 50 Cent and Slow from Slow Bucks has somehow made its way to Philly. MMG artist Meek Mill has been going back and forth with his artist, Louie V Gutta.

Louie is signed to Meek’s DreamChaser label. If you remember, he got robbed for $40k in jewelry and other items at a Waffle House in Atlanta after the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Earlier today, Meek took offense to a tweet that Louie sent out. Not sure if Meek thought the tweet was aimed at him since he was previously tweeting about the Summer Jam incident. He responded with this


Which led to Louie V Gutta responding with this.   The twitter back and forth went on for a while. Thing began to heat up just a few minutes ago after the went back and forth with these tweets.  

We all know that the city of Brotherly Love can change to Brotherly fist fights, then gun fights in a NYC minute. Lets hope cooler heads prevail and they get back to making music.





Isn’t this ironic?

Wiz Khalifa made news this morning.  Khalifa was arrested early this morning for possession of marijuana. In true millineal fashihon, Wiz tweeted a picture of himself in the holding cell.

The rapper who is currently on tour gave fans brief descriptions of his arrest from his twitter account. He says that the police were looking into how much marijuana the rapper was in possession of.

Wiz tweeted out


He also promises that his new project, 28 Grams will be released as soon as he gets out of jail.

“I wanna drop 28 grams but they got me locced up,” he tweeted. “Soon as I get out, the tapes comin out. Fu** that.”




CBS Sports

CBS Sports

Former Kentucky Wildcat point guard Eric Bledsoe has been an integral part in the surprising success of the Phoenix Suns. A team that many thought were “Tanking for Wiggins” has turned into a contender in the crowded Western Conference.

Despite his stellar play, there are still some haters who feel like Bledsoe is not the answer at point guard. Bledsoe was tweeted by one such fan who said that Eric was “the worse player in the NBA.” His response was classic


The tweeter in question was far from offending by Bledose. He actually thanked him in a way

It’s all fun and games until some responds.

  Once again, here’s another situation where social media could get someone locked up. A twitter user named @queendemetriax tweeted a joke about that has gained her 1000 new followers and landed her in hot water with American Airlines and Twitter.




Earlier this morning, @queendemetriax tweeted, “hello my name’s Ibrahim and I’m from Afghanistan. I’m part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I’m gonna do something really big bye” at American Airline’s Twitter account. It didn’t take long for American Airlines to reply, claiming that they had her IP address and “details,” which they would forward to security and the FBI. This tweet as since been deleted, probably because they do not have either her IP address and “details,” as those are details that only law enforcement can request.

 @queendemetriax’s freaked out, again via twitter:


Hopefully she learned a lesson. And hopefully B613 hasn’t found her yet too

NY Daily Post

NY Daily Post

Today starts the trial of Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron. The reputed gang leader allegedly ran a crew of drug dealers out of Gowanus projects in Brooklyn New York is on trial for drug charges and murder. He faces life if he is convicted.

One of the key pieces of evidence that the prosecution is trying to use to convict Diggs are his own tweets. Social media is thought to be a sacred ground where what you say is protected as free speech. As absurd as it sounds, using social media as a way to incriminate somebody is not a new thought.

This case was always interesting to me because of their use of social media to attempt to prove that he had something to do with a crime. How can you determine that someone was complicit or the initiator of a crime without them coming out and saying, “I did this.” Anything else should be considered just conversation. That’s how I feel. It seems like lawyers feel different.

A story posted on the tackles the issue head on.

In the piece, it says “Twitter describes itself as “a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting.”

More importantly, Twitter users communicate using “tweets,” 140-character bursts of information. For litigators, these tweets can be a gold mine, a minefield or a wild collection of information missing an index. The key, of course, is effectively mining tweets to find the important nuggets.

The piece speaks on how tweets can be a “gold mine” for lawyers. In the story they list ways to search a persons twitter stream and justification for why tweets can be used in a prosecution. You can read their full piece here



While Diggs story might seem like something new, it’s not. The more I search the net, the more I find stories where tweets are being used to put a defendants back against the wall.

Tweets were provided as evidence is a case against Occupy Wallstreet protestors. The police were contending that the protestors knew they were supposed to move that their twitter timelines would prove it. The protestors believed that it was against the law. The protestors were found to be in the wrong and their tweets were allowed to be used against them.

There is a fine line we have to walk today when it comes to what you post online. While it seems like what you say on your page should be private and subject to free speech, the more lawyers and judges are getting adjusted to social media, the more they’re deciding that’s not the case.

How will this effect how and what rappers post online? Only time will tell. I think it sets an interesting precedent and should be used as a model that publicists, managers and label heads give to their clients as to what to do and not do online.

With so many people watching what you say nowadays, you’d be better to take a page from Ice T and remember that it’s “freedom of speech, just watch what you say.”

We’ll be covering Ra Diggs and his case and how tweets and social media will play in it as it goes.





Most people we’re checking for Drake’s subliminal diss’ toward Jay Z on his new track “Draft Day.” Whether he said anything or not, most of the world is waiting to see if Jay would respond to Drizzy’s new track. No one was expecting to hear from Jose Canseco.

The former MLB slugger and accused steroid user took offense to one of the lines in the song. Canseco and his girlfriend took offense to the name check.

Canseco, along with his girlfriend model Leila Knight tweeted their frustrations about the line “I play like I’m on ‘roids, no Canseco” from Drake’s new track “Draft Day.”

“It would be nice if a rapper can say my bfs name in a song and not make a reference to steroids . Lol . @Drake” she tweeted.

Canseco followed after with a retweet from his girlfriend and tweeting the rapper saying, “@Drake [You’re] funny”

His girlfriend continued to defend her boyfriend for the constant backlash of his past steroid use and how it’s been an easy jab for rappers to drop on tracks.

I have some bad news for the Bash Brother. It’s easy to rhyme the words Canseco and steroids with other words. He’s just going to have to deal with this



Monday night, Lebron James set a career high with 61 points when his Miami Heat took on the Charlotte Bobcats. Most of the sports world was impressed by the feat. NBA legend Dominique Wilkins was in awe as well, but he also felt like he could’ve put up points against the Bobcats.

Nique tweeted



Of course, the critics would come out in droves over the tweets. Wilkins would later tweet

He ended all convo about his comments on Lebron’s 61-point game


Can’t a Hall of Famer have an opinion?

Source: CBS Sports