kobe vs lebron pic

Last night, Lebron James put up a career high 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats. James looked like he couldn’t miss last night as hit 8 3-pointers. He added 7 rebounds and 5 assists in the Heat’s win.

Bron’s game was great, but where does it match against Kobe Bryant and his 81 point game. In 2006 against the Toronto Raptors, Kobe brought his team back from a 14-point deficit in the half. Kobe had 55 by halftime. His 81-points was the second highest in NBA history behind Wilt Chamberlin and his 100 point game.

Like Bron, Kobe’s team also won that night. Just watching the highlights of both games, who do you think had the best game? Was Kobe’s output alone enough or was Bron’s effortless shooting put him over the top?

Checkout both games and tell us what you think